Specialty Services

car ashtray smoke odor removal


4 Hours*

  • o-Zone Treatment- $75

We have the ability to repair vehicles with smoke, pet or other odor issues. Let our reconditioning experts get your vehicle back in shape. After extensively cleaning the interior, engine compartment and trunk as well as steam cleaning the headliner of your vehicle and replacing the cabin filter our o-Zone treatment ($75) is run in your vehicle with the heat running for one hour and then it runs for an additional three hours to remove unwanted odors from your vehicles heating and cooling system

water damage restoration

Water Damage - Mold

By using our thorough and proven cleaning process, we will get your car’s interior dried out, and all moisture, mildew, stains and all odors eliminated permanently!  

Mold is toxic and shouldn’t be inhaled.

We recommend that you address any water damage problem as soon as possible to avoid any health issues.

Depending on the severity of the water damage/mold some vehicles may require the interior carpet & Padding (jute) to be removed & replaced.

Don’t wait to get your vehicle to us! The sooner we get to work washing and reconditioning your vehicle, the more we can save you!


Estimate by Appointment*

  • Based on Quote
headlight restoration village detail

Headlight Restoration

1 Hours*

  • $99.99 for two lights
  • Individual $50

Professional Headlight Restoration can save you some serious money; when comparing the cost of a service professional restoring your headlights to the parts and labor to replace your headlight assembly, the amount of money you’ll save to achieve the same results makes restoration the sensible alternative.

Village Detail specializes in headlight restoration for any size and type of vehicle. Most headlights can be restored in a short time, to keep your vehicle looking sharp, and help improve your visibility at night. Don’t waste your money on replacing your headlight assembly – call us today to get your headlights restored for a fraction of the cost.

paintless dent repair before and after mercedes

Paintless Dent Repair

By Appointment*

  • Quote

Instead of spending thousands at a body shop, village detail offers paint list dent removal at a fraction of the price. Whether it’s a nickel size one or size tennis ball size or larger we have you covered.

leather seat repair1 village detail

Vinyl & Leather Repair

By Appointment*

  • Quote
The complete exterior package includes a soft wash cloth car wash, under carriage & towel dry, removal of all bugs and tar, full exterior clay bar treatment, clay hood and trunk, dress all exterior trim, orbital buff with cleaner wax, clean rims, tire shine application, hand paste wax with paint sealant application,  and cleaning of the exterior windows.

*Some exceptions apply, based on vehicles condition