Rather than having a dozen different selections that vary in quality, we only offer GTECHNIQ C1 Crystal Lacquer Topped with GTECHNIQ EXO.  Together they produce an unparalleled paint protection. Give your paint the best treatment possible with GTechniq C1 & EXO! A crystal clear barrier of 9H hardness protection, the most hydrophobic surface on the market! Want your paint to shine brighter than the day it was sprayed? Crystal Lacquer is just what you’re looking for! C1 is an extremely durable, 9H hardness, quartz composite lacquer that will provide your paint with the defense it needs against the forces of nature and other harsh contaminants. C1 leaves your vehicles paint with an unmatched shine and reflection. By utilizing proper washing techniques and exhibiting minimal care, a coating of C1 Crystal Lacquer will leave your paint resistant to surface scratches, swirls and oxidation all thanks to the hardened shell that C1 forms upon curing. One treatment of Crystal Lacquer will repel salt build up, oils, water and dirt with ease thanks to its hydrophobic properties leaving an incredibly smooth surface finish. On top of that, C1 is the best defense against bug guts, bird droppings, sap and road grime.


Ceramic C1 Coating

 Coatings take 2-3 days depending on which level of paint correction you have selected.

Price includes complete exterior detail & single stage paint correction

  • Cars – $750
  • Mid-Size Vehicle & Wagons – $900
  • SUVs, Trucks & Mini-Vans – $1200